HIV Supportive Services

For many of our clients, HIV is but one of many life circumstances they must maneuver. To navigate this virus and to live a healthy lifestyle often requires teamwork and communication.

That’s where we come in. We know from years of experience that being engaged in your own care and treatment often depends on feeling knowledgeable, equipped and supported.

We’ll talk with you to make sure you understand HIV and everything that comes along with it, including transmission, resistance, re-infection, what CD4 and viral load mean, and the Ohio Felonious Assault law.

We will work with you to identify unmet needs, like mental health counseling, access to pantries, housing and transportation. And if we’re unable to meet your specific needs, we’ll refer you to available support services that might further help you in your treatment.

We welcome you to view us not just as medical social workers, but as a valuable member of your support team. We want to stay connected. We want to remain engaged.

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HIV/AIDS Health Navigation

Even the most prepared can become overwhelmed navigating our country’s healthcare system and insurance options. We’ll help you navigate these paths to ensure you’re getting the care and treatment you need and deserve.